About Clarity IMS

Clarity is a user friendly web based information management system that has been developed as a result of collaboration between Precept IT and CLARE CIC, a community engaged organisation for use in communities. The resulting information management system uniquely supports data capture, outcomes measurements and community based volunteering activity, recording and asset matching to contribute to a more efficient and effective community development service.

The system enables community based organisations to record, store and access the wide range of
data necessary for delivering projects and services within one single system. With a focus on ease of use the system allows users to quickly input, manage and generate information relevant to their clients, volunteers and service activities; This could be as simple as matching a volunteer to a client or tracking well being of volunteers & the people they support.

By joining the Clarity-IMS community you gain access to a holistic system that will enable you to showcase and get the best out of what your organisation delivers. The system has been designed to enable users to quickly personalise the software to their organisation and begin to unify their data within one programme. The system can easily generate reports for the organisation and a wide range of stakeholders for support and funding purposes.

Clarity IMS is a community of users benefiting from sharing learning and ideas for further development.  Being a voluntary or community organisation requires a professional response to meet the challenges of delivering services in the community.  Clarity–IMS is designed to capture the individual needs of each community organisation, providing a bespoke system that works with you and the demands of your sector.  

When integrating the Clarity–IMS software, organisations are essentially joining and contributing to the community of Clarity–IMS where Clive and his team as Precept IT will be on hand to help integrate, maintain and continually develop the software for more effective results. You as a member of the Clarity IMS community influence how the software is used and updated. 

Clarity has been specifically designed as a unique system to fulfil the information management needs of person-centred community based services; this bespoke system will work in harmony with an empowering community development model whilst having the flexibility to be tailored to your specific requirements as an organisation. You will not only save time and money by investing in a tailored product but you will be able to showcase the work of your organisation through reports and data capture that meet the requirements of funders and stakeholders.