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An innovative & collaborative IT System designed by & for communities. 

Clarity Information Management System is an adaptive and holistic system that is both effective and efficient, bringing together all aspects of your project or service;  Practical IT design generated by the experience and wish list of voluntary & community workers. 

Seeing the Whole Picture

Sometimes it can be difficult to gather all of the information you need to thrive & demonstrate impact.

Clarity works for you, collecting and managing data that will help you make the best of your assets & achieve effective outcomes for all.


Technical difficulties? Not anymore. We are in this together, so if there is ever a hiccup, we’re already on it.


Clarity—IMS is a system that enables easier data collection and management, helping you showcase the best of your assets.

Clarity works for you

Clarity is designed for you and can be customised to your projects needs & specifications.


Here’s what our partners have to say!

I have been part of the design team for Clarity IMS from the beginning. In the past I have used a number of information management systems in the statutory sector during my career as a social worker that were definitely not user friendly or adaptable! What I like most about Clarity is that as a system it is simple to use yet can provide a secure platform for my staff and myself to record our activity and capture information that makes my job easier! I am amazed and proud that through our team efforts and the input of PRECEPT IT we have all been part of creating Clarity IMS- truly designed by the community for the community!
Mandy cowden - project manager of clare cic

Our Partners